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Working Towards A 

Brighter, Greener, Future, Afloat!

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Short Promo VIDEO of our Idea & Goals!

An introduction to Ecobarge ltd from our Company Director Capt F Ivor Flett!

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”
“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” 

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Our Roots

We are seasoned and professional Sailors that have decided to leave an industry that helps destroy the environment, and try give something back before it's too late for both the planet and humanity.

We will be offering luxury barge hotel cruses, along the stunning Caledonian Canal, in Scotland, with a varied itinerary including Whisky and Golf themed cruises, on an electric powered barge!

Here at, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support.
We now need that support we are soon going to be crowd funding our first "Ecobarge "and would love your help! If not financially then simply by liking and sharing our project through social media feeds!

Since our founding in 2020, and company registration in 2021 we have been determined to make a positive environmental impact. The core of our efforts is to bring in electric power to replace 1000's of small and medium diesel boat engines. Our team’s fresh ideas and significant marine experience, will be applied to the range of activities we’re involved in now and ongoing into the future. Through all of our endeavor's we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs, to reducing the global carbon footprint for the benefit of all.

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Sailing Towards a Better Tomorrow!


Here at we are heeding the warnings from so many sources, including the latest IPCC report, that irrefutably shows, within a decade,  we need to reduce the damage we're doing to the ecosphere of the planet.  Global temperatures have risen by 1.5Deg C post industrialisation era, and will irrevocably lead to climate change if not reversed in the next decade!

We want our business, to be a catalyst for positive change in the inland waterway boating sector, to help with this target!

We want to do this in a sustainable and profitable way, to create not only proof of our concept but a viable and coveted business model to be pursued by many!
We also want to develop a supply industry, infrastructure and jobs that make choosing an environmentally friendly marine power option more rewarding and cost effective than traditional ones. Only this way will momentum swing fast towards zero or negative carbon economy's and propulsion globally.

We have chosen Crowdfunding as the primary way to get started on our voyage! Why? ..... well time is the simple answer! 
Because if were were even able to get banks or investors to lend us the money, (and in the current Covid 19 crisis this is not certain), they would want part of our profits back as a return, and thats fair enough, but this will slow our plans down and we only have a decade according to many, so we need to hit the ground running! If we can!

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